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Love's Labour's Liabilities is a 5e RPG zine about bringing love, and the cost of love, to your gaming table. In this sequel to Love's Labour's Liberated, our other 5e zine about amore, we delve deeper into the themes of love and how they apply to your 5e games. With new subclasses, backgrounds, feats, spells, monsters, and more, this 57-page black and white zine presents the lightning strikes of love as you fight against a broken heart. You may be the chaste prisoner of other's obsessions, but you can break free to find your heart.

As a Warlock whose Otherworldly Elemental Patron is obsessed with them, you experience the perversion of love, all the while stealing your stalkers powers until you have enough experience to escape their emotional prison. Using the Elemental Lightning Lord's powers, you'll seize control and destroy your captor.

For those that have been hurt in love, there is the Monk Monastic Tradition: Way of the Broken Heart. Loss fuels this subclass. The stages of grief give them powers to combat those that would hurt them further.

There are six monsters thematically tied to this zine's tale including Cupid, Eyes of the Storm, Lightning Elemental, Missile Mistletoe, Milhive, and the Ghost General. Against them, you'll play as the child of an elemental or a chaste individual. New feats, new spells, and new magic items round out some of the options you'll love about this source zine.

With an essay offering guidance on how to keep the game fun and safe for players despite using love as a basis for the game, you'll find adventure hooks, a short story, and a poem by Leland Beauchamp. There's a lot of love devoted to this project.

  • 2 Subclasses: Warlock Otherworldly Patrons: The Elemental Lightning Lord and Monk: Monastic Traditions: Way of the Broken Heart
  • 2 Backgrounds: Child Of The Elements and Chaste
  • 2 Feats 
  • 4 Spells
  • 5 Magic Items
  • 6 Monsters
  • 2 Adventure Hooks
  • A poem by Leland Beauchamp
  • A short story that expands on several elements in the zine: Warlock: The Elemental Lightning Lord, Background: Child Of The Elements, and the Eyes Of The Storm Elemental
  • An essay on keeping love at the gaming table safe

Tony Vasinda's of Plus One Exp on Youtube shared his thoughts on the zine:

"Love's Labour's Liabilities is doing exactly what 5e compatible supplements and resources should be doing, giving specific tools for 5e along with items, tools, resources, and other elements that would appeal to any TTRPG player. Back it."

More praise for the zine! Drew Cochran of The Epic of Dreams on Youtube and Harrowings#03: MUSPELHELL fame shared this about Love's Labour's Liabilites:

"We highly recommend [Egg Embry's] stuff - It’s accessible, yet weird enough, and provides a new depth of social play and character options for 5e (It’s not cheese either, it’s supplemental content that actually adds value to your games)!"


Authors: Leland Beauchamp, Egg Embry, John McGuire 
Artists: Adolphe Bouruereau, Egg Embry, Rick Hershey, Wren Hunter, Jeffrey Koch, John Everett Millais, and John William Waterhouse
Publisher: Egg Embry Publishing


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Art X-Card - The Miracle of the Roses by Isobel Lilian Gloag, edited by Egg Embry.pdf 5 MB
Art X-Card - The Abduction of Psyche by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, edited by Egg Embry.pdf 5 MB
Art X-Card - Ophelia by John Everett Millais, edited by Egg Embry.pdf 2 MB
Art X-Card - Image by Rick Hershey with additional parts by Isobel Lilian Gloag, modified by Egg Embry.pdf 5 MB
Love's Labour's Liabilities - Post-KS Draft v2.0.pdf 18 MB

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